Tarot Pathworkings

Between 13/4/98 and 9/5/98, I completed a series of pathworkings based on the paths of the tree of life using the tarot cards of the Thoth deck as meditational aids.

The structure for each of the pathworkings was roughly the same. I would perform a banishing ritual (either the star ruby or a free form banishing of my own device which consisted of the vibration of each of the vowels in turn along with a visualised blue circle forming around me). I would then recite the invocation of the angel of the tarot:

I invoke thee IAO that thou wilt send HRU the great angel that is set over the operation of this secret wisdom that he may lay his hands invisibly upon these consecrated cards of art that thereby we may obtain true knowledge of hidden things to the glory of thine ineffable name, Amen.

I would then stare for some time at the image of the tarot card before closing my eyes and seeing the image from the card as a door in front of me that I then stepped through.

After completing the pathworking, I would close the ritual and ground by intoning Aum three times and seeing the energy that had been raised passing through my hands and back into the earth.

Atu XXI, The Universe
Atu XX, The Aeon
Atu XIX, The Sun
Atu XVIII, The Moon
Atu XVII, The Star
Atu XVI, The Tower
Atu XV, The Devil
Atu XIV, Art
Atu XIII, Death
Atu XII, The Hanged Man
Atu XI, Lust
Atu X, Fortue
Atu IX, The Hermit
Atu VIII, Adjustment
Atu VII, The Chariot
Atu VI, The Lovers
Atu V, The Heirophant
Atu IV, The Emperor
Atu III, The Empress
Atu II, The Priestess
Atu I, The Magus
Atu O, The Fool

JMS 1998