The Evocation of the 55th Spirit of the Shemhamphorash

Diary Entry
27th March 1997

I have decided on Orobas who is the 55th spirit of the Shemphorash, and is a spirit for which I have an account which was very profitable. I have chosen the 3rd April for the ritual this will also be of benefit as the spirit is of Jupiter.

Note: More electrical activity (video working of its own accord and lights in bed-room and the kitchen flickering and not working) This is with reference to other evocational workings in which electrical phenomena took place. In this instance it was related to the construction of the seal.

Diary entry
3rd April 1997

To prepare I undertook various processes for creating a degree of mental focus conductive to the working. These included the use of fasting and extended meditations etc.

I awoke early and spent the day making general preparations including setting up the space and equipment. I also worked through the method of evocation which I was to use from the Goetia.

That night as the time I had set for the working approached I set up the circle and triangle which I had made from rope, and laid out the tools.

As the time came I composed myself lit incense in the triangle for the materialization and performed the LBRP, then facing the triangle with wand and sword at hand I began the evocation "I EVOKE THEE." at first there was nothing. I increased the velocity of my charge, then a creature not really what I would describe as a horse (as in the shemphorash) more of a donkey with a large head.

Sketch of Orobas.

Then as I readied myself to speak (I was lost for words but was conscious that I should compose myself and act) then it seemed to become aware of me and to take on a human form, but still with animalistic qualities.

Additional sketch of Orobas.

As it was aware of me I asked it "are the qualities attributed to you in the shemphorash true/correct?" Orobas replied "Yes and much much more.(smirk)"

I then set forward various tasks to take place within a month or so.

Orobas "You leave me very little time and space to move!"

I had decided not to move from my parameters so I refused this appeal and made reference to the use of the seal in the blasting of the spirit.

Orobas accepted "Very well I will carry out your charge"

I then spoke of the ways in which I would honour his seal if he followed my instructions, or if he did not I would destroy his seal in numerable ways.

Orobas "I promise most truthfully to fulfill your charge, even as we speak my spirits are setting to work to achieve your desire"

I then gave the license to depart.

It is as if the fabric of that which is familiar, i.e. the chamber etc. has changed and become able to give form to the power evoked.


I feel that what took place that day was very much about a fundamental experience of our relationship to our environment and our lives as a whole. What could be more valuable an experience than the chance to confront our realties of both life and death, the reality or falsehood of which can only be found by the individual that would undertake such work.

Sigils and circle of art from the Goetia.

GEN 1998