The Evocation of the Olympic Spirit of Venus


12:00 midnight-1:00am

The ritual was performed in the temple of GEN. There were two participants.

Ritual tools used for evocation of Hagith.

Full ritual regalia was worn including black robes with hoods down. A triangle of art with a black mirror mounted in its centre was placed in the East. A small triangle with the seal of Hagith was placed flat in front of the main triangle and a censer burning benzoin was placed on top of this. The mirror was lit on both sides by two green candles. Seals of Hagith in green on black were worn around the necks of both the participants.

Triangle of art.

The ritual was opened with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram followed by Liber Adohi. GEN consecrated the triangle with the chain, the dagger and the wand and I consecrated the circle with the four elemental weapons. I traced the circle using salt and then declared our intent to evoke the spirit of Hagith. I struck the bells 7x7.

I directed green light into the triangle and called forth Hagith. I could physically see energy coming from the tip of the wand. I saw a smoky, hazy ball within the mirror. I then saw harlequin type clothes followed by the rugged face of a man. I next saw an image of a woman's torso in profile. I had a vague impression of a soft voice saying that it was Hagith. Images were very fleeting.

I saw an image of a sphere with three lines projecting from it. GEN mentioned that he could see a shadowy figure with three glowing eyes. He said that he got the impression that it wanted us to ask questions. I questioned and GEN interpreted the responses.

JMS: What is your name?
Hagith: Hagith.
JMS: What is your nature?
Hagith: My nature is all nature.
JMS: Do you mean that you are all nature manifested in the world?
Hagith: I am the nature of love in life.
(GEN saw image of seal)
JMS: What is the nature of this seal?
Hagith: Love in life.
JMS: How would we better evoke you?
Hagith: With my nature; with love.
Hagith: I am the beauty that men fear.
JMS: What is the nature of this fear?
Hagith: Men's fear.
(GEN saw an image of a large hall within a palace)
JMS: What is this palace?
Hagith: It is a palace of mine.
JMS: Of mime?
Hagith: Yes mine is opposite of yours.
JMS: Is that a riddle?
Hagith/GEN: Might be.
(GEN saw an image of an "almost full moon", "a black moon")
JMS: What does this symbol mean?
Hagith: It is a heart that is almost closed.
JMS: Do you have power over this?
Hagith: Yes.
JMS: How?
Hagith: I have already told you.
JMS: I have no further questions for you.
Hagith: You have many questions.
(GEN sensed that Hagith had left).

We closed with the LBRP and "Apo pantos kakodaimonos!".


The entity seemed keen on riddles. It seems that my initial image of a harlequin was appropriate. It seemed less positive in nature than Ophiel but more positive than Phul. Its voice was soft but it was slightly uncaring and impatient throughout.

JMS 1999