The Evocation of a Planetary Sphere Entity

This was to be my first undertaking in the realm of evocation and has had a profound effect on me ever since. The question whether or not such a thing as to evoke an entity to visible appearance was possible, was one of the most fascinating concepts with in the world of magick for me. What could challenge our preconceptions about life or meaning more than to stand face to face with an entity of another level or order of being?

Diary entry
4th April 1991

Two people present

Prepared temple site with incense and banishing (sound was also used). Spent extended period in meditation. Began evocation using a process of charging or calling the entity with constructed thought forms or servitors rather than linguistic processes, although levels of language were used at the appropriate points. No form of magick mirror or incense for the entity to take on form were used, the approach to the working was to be the full appearance of the entity.

Sigil for planetary sphere entity.

As we began the charge soon the space seemed to take on a calm bluish atmosphere and the incense that was in the air seemed to slow in motion. Then all at once the space became completely clear and our focus was soon on the point at which the room and the ceiling meet.

We could see a perfectly defined orb of green light moving very slowly down towards us, as it reached two or so feet from the ground it stopped. I was amazed by this sight the clarity and reality of this entity, I looked to my partner to see the same look of amazement, but equally calm and peaceful look on his face. We verified that we were indeed both seeing the entity before us. It then begun to communicate with the same degree of clear precision, It told us it's nature and the ways in which it could help and benefit us. We could see a hole range of personality within the entity.

We asked what we wanted of it and it agreed to help.

We then gave the license to depart. The banishings were performed and plans made for further experiment.

Diary Entry
21st April 1991

Work continued through scrying, this time the entity took on a humanoid form and gave further knowledge as to it's nature and being. It also spoke of the process by which to call it and when and what way in which to approach our questions and actions.

Note: All work with and relating to this entity was of great power and beauty and everything told by it and promise made by it was true and successful down to the last detail.

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