Thelemic consecration

This essay will be a basic over view of the main Thelemic idea’s as given out to members of LOGDOS and also a consecration rite performed at the second meeting of the group.

Consecration: Performed in a purely Thelemic form. As this is for individual work I shall try to be unbiased, and to give the general concepts related to the divine names by Thelemic groups I know of and books I have read reverting back always to Crowley.

NUIT: The azure Egyptian Goddess of the night sky identified with AIN SOPH of Qabalistic symbolism. The continuous one of Heaven. The goddess of infinite space, See also Liber NV and Liber HAD.

HADIT: The Lover of Nuit, the infinitely small, atomic, yet omnipresent. He is identified with Qabalistic AIN. Notice the relationship of movement between Hadit and Nuit (compare with Tao and the movement in Aeon of Osiris philosophy) see also Liber NV and Liber HAD. He is also identified with SHTN, Set etc.

RA-HOOR-KRUIT: Horus perfected, his dynamic aspect. The crowned and conquering child. Identified with Qabalstic concept AIN SOPH AUR. He has no particular nature as definable, unity transcends consciousness. see Liber Samekh.

THERION: Greek for wild beast, identified with Shiva, he is as the male principle of the union or emanation with Babalon. He is identified with Chokmah on the tree of life. (Most often in Crowley's writing he will say the Master Therion, meaning himself in his solar 666 aspect, performing the work of the Aeon by the mantric AUMGN.

BABALON: Identified with Shakti or the female principle of the union with Therion, this symbolizing the Great won realized. The cup of Babalon being identified with the Holy Grail. On the tree of life she would be identified with Binah.

ANKH-aF-Na-KRONSU: Egyptian priest of the XXVth or XXVIth Dynasty, whose funerary Stele was 666 in the Boulak Museum and Crowley believed was one of his previous incarnations, and the point in history that initiates the future dawning of the Aeon of Ra-Hoor-Kruit to follow that of Osiris.

AIWASS: Intelligence that communicated the Book Of The Law or Liber AL. He has was seen by Crowley as his Holy Guardian Angel and is identified with many concepts, both of Yogic/Tantric work as well as the western great work itself.

Ritual: The main working tools were an altar table (design as LOGDOS logo) and main elemental tools wand, cup, athame etc.

Statement: I consecrate this space in the name and office of the minister of HOOR-PA-KRUT the prince ANKH-aF-Na-KRONSU I am the priest of RA-HOOR-KRUIT by NUIT and by HADIT and by BABALON and by THERION this place I duly consecrate. By the azure of NUIT that streaks across the night sky so shall this place be consecrated. By the eye that is and is not, by the giver and the receiver, by the light and that which creates it, I consecrate this place that all and always it shall be a cradle of the gods.


GEN 1998