The Distant Queen

O glory of rapture ,
As fine as tomorrow’s promise as infinite as the body of time,
I call out across the gulf of fallen memories to the hands of bodies entwined,
Cry not for tears know not the bounds of my desire,
But rejoice in the calling of those that would walk alone.
Fear dies by the hand of another as always in the hearts of man,
Lust rejoices and again the serpent sheds its skin.
For as I walk in love and the awe of a distant queen the pain of that which is mine and yours,
Cry out and I will be devoured,
Come now that I might look beyond the day,
Make your self as I am within the joys of your body,
Make now your self as me as all and another as earth and as mud.
I see across the enraged lake of prophecy,
Look back into my eyes until even as I am lost we are one and you may know what it is to dance in the body of man.

GEN 1998