Three Dimensional Constructs in Magick

Over the last year, members of LOGDOS have been investigating the use of visualized three dimensional structures in magickal ritual. They have been utilised in the main by the group as gateways for pathworking and astral work. It was found that the experience of the astral plane when using these methods was of a different order both in intensity and in quality from conventional two dimensional gateways.

In parallel to this work, one of the members became interested in the use of three dimensional structures around the magickian as a method of raising power in ritual and in the harmonisation and unification of the microcosm and macrocosm.

He had for some time been pondering the symbols of the aright and averse pentagrams overlaid so as to form the holy hexagram with the unicursal hexagram interlaced. He felt that this was a good symbol of the unification of the microcosm in its two aspects (active and passive; male and female) with the macrocosm implying, among other things, sexual union at orgasm.

Babalon and beast conjoined.

Since the conventional number of points around the circle number six (four compass directions, above and below), he had the idea of a ritual designed to build up an astral three dimensional representation of the unicursal hexagram around the circle. with the cross in the centre of the hexagram passing through the magickian in the circle.

He experimented for many months with different attributions of the points, finding on almost every occasion that the current of power flowing around the astral structure was of a higher order than would normally have been expected for the amount of energy expended.

It was at this time that he decided that it would be interesting to develop both a banishing as well as an invocatory version of the ritual in order to explore the related concepts of the point of consciousness and the void.

He was, however, unhappy with the excessive complexity of many of the methods that he was using (combining aright and averse pentagrams at every point along with hexagrams) and also realised that his insistence on overlaying the attributions of the pentagram and hexagram was perhaps somewhat inappropriate.

Eventually, he decided that the most acceptable solution was to use the invoking/banishing holy hexagrams on their own at each point with the intention of evoking the macrocosm by use of the Golden Dawn style hexagrams at the points thus forming a unicursal hexagram linking each of the points in a structure around the magickian and implying the invocation of the averse (or aright) pentagram into the microcosm. If this ritual were then performed by two magickians simultaneously; one banishing and the other invoking, they may attain union of microcosm and macrocosm as they will.

The Union of Energy and Void

(At each point let the Priest and Priestess trace the correct hexagram and vibrate such words as they will.)

(Rite of NOX)(Rite of Stars)
Face West.
Trace banishing hexagram of Jupiter.
Face East.
Trace invoking hexagram of Mercury.
Look Above.
Trace banishing hexagram of Luna.
Look Above.
Trace invoking hexagram of Saturn.
Face North.
Trace banishing hexagram of Mars.
Face North.
Trace invoking hexagram of Venus.
Face South.
Trace banishing hexagram of Venus.
Face South.
Trace invoking hexagram of Mars.
Look Below.
Trace banishing hexagram of Saturn.
Look Below.
Trace invoking hexagram of Luna.
Face East.
Trace banishing hexagram of Mercury
Face West.
Trace invoking hexagram of Jupiter

...Let the Priest and Priestess attain union as they will.

Note(1): The Rite of NOX appears to invoke the Hexagram averse about the circle and the Rite of Stars to invoke the Hexagram aright. This appearance is reversed from the universal perspective.

Note(2): The terms "Priest" and "Priestess" in the above ritual refers not to the sex of the participants but to their magickal roles.

JMS 1998