The Water Vapouriser

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The Water Vapouriser is very simple to build, using a petrol can or other container, a valve, some hose and a T-piece. Expected fuel savings are about 10%, but there are other benefits in smoother running and cleaner engines.

The manual for this standard model covers both water vapor and water injection.

The Brightman manual for this kit is only £2.00 ($3.99). The kit and manual together are £23.50 ($46.99). In the kit that we sell, we use a pvc tube, a regulating valve, a 'T' connector, and a metre of 8mm fuel hose. That's all there is to it.

As with the vaporizers, the kit will be sent surface mail, outside of the EU, shipping free. If you want airmail for this item, please tick or send and additional $10 for postage.

We have a new model an Ultrasonic Transducer Water Vaporizer, which uses an ultrasonic transducer to generate more and finer vapor than is possible with this model, with twice the MPG improvement - around 20%. But it is more expensive than our standard model, because of all the extra parts.