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We are now using Paypal, so you no longer have to pay sales tax (VAT). Each item has the same postage, whether it is sent domestically within the UK, or internationally. The shipping costs are usually simply contributative toward the actual cost - we cover the difference. Because of the weight of the vaporizers, unlike the other items, we show an airmail postage option, which is an additional $25.99. Otherwise vaporizers are shipped surface mail, and all other items are shipped airmail for no additional cost.

For George Wiseman manuals and kits, go to his site: Eagle Research

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Manuals Build and Install Instructions- included in kits but available separately
Devices for Fuel Efficiency
Petrol/Diesel Master Additive

Manuals Only

Water Vapor Injector Manual - US$3.99
Carburetor Enhancer Manual - US$2.99
Fuel Vaporiser Manual - High Pressure version - US$12.99
Ultrasonic H20 Vaporizer manual - US$10.99

Devices - Assembled and Unassembled

Water Vapor Injection Manual & Device - US$126.99
(Includes a vaporizer in the form of a pvc 50mm tube, with soldered breather pipe inside tube, 1 inlet and 1 outlet and inline valve for 8mm hose)

Ultrasonic Transducer Water Vaporiser - under development - to be released later this year
H2O Vaporiser Airmail Postage - (otherwise sent as surface mail) - US$24.99
Carburetor Enhancer Manual & Device - US$35.99
(Includes hose, inline valve, 2-4mm tube for float chamber on carb)

Fuel Vaporiser Manual & Device - Low pressure version - US$156.99
(Includes a vaporizer in the form of a pvc 50mm tube, with soldered breather pipe inside tube, 2 inlets and 1 outlet, and two inline valves, for 8mm hose, and 1 stainless steel vapor expansion vessel)
Fuel Vaporiser Manual & Device - High Pressure version (please note 4 week construction time)- US$256.99
(Includes a vaporizer in the form of a stainess steel vessel, with 3 soldered breather pipes, 4 soldered inlets and 1 outlet, containment bracket, two inline valves for 8mm hose, 1 stainless steel vapor expansion vessel, 1 float switch, 1 fuel solenoid, wire, wire wraps, hose clamps. Please note 4 week construction time.)
Fuel Vaporiser Airmail Postage (otherwise sent as surface mail) - US$25.99
(this is still only a portion of the postage - about half the cost)
Air Intake & Fuel Hose Magnetic Enhancement - US$29.99
(Two strong bipolar neomydium magnets mounted on a steel base with removable wraps for attachment to fuel hose, pipe or air intake)

Unassembled Low Pressure Vaporizer - US$98.99
Unassembled High Pressure Vaporizer - US$198.99

Individual Components

Vaporiser Body - stainless steel, unassembled - US$42.99

Vaporiser Body - stainless steel, assembled - US$98.99
(assembled with 3 breather tubes, 1 inlet, 1 outlet, soldered)

Fuel Solenoid (used on High Pressure version) - US$95.99

Float Switch (used on High Pressure version) - US$48.99

Vapor Expansion Vessel - Stainless Steel - US$39.99
(assembled with 1 inlet with breather tube, 1 outlet, soldered)

Fuel/Vapor Valve - US$19.99
(with 8mm connectors)

Petrol/Diesel Master Additive
Petrol/Diesel Master - 100ml size - US$19.99

Petrol/Diesel Master - 300ml size - US$29.99

Petrol/Diesel Master - 1 litre size - US$89.99

Petrol/Diesel Master - 2 litre size - US$175.99

All prices above include packing and delivery by airmail (or by surface mail in the case of the vaporizers and Petrol/Diesel Master) - this includes within the UK and throughout the world. The additional airmail cost for vaporizers is shown and is selectable above. If you require your order of Petrol/Diesel to be sent by air mail outside of the EU, please email us and we will let you know the extra charge.