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Reduce Fuel Consumption by up to 70%, and Emissions by over 90%! Fuel Saving and Pollution Reducing Devices and Information from Dunball, Ltd.

Dunball, Ltd. develops its own devices and products which can save you a lot of money by reducing your fuel consumption, while radically reducing emissions and increasing the operating life of your engine of any vehicle. These can be installed by yourself, or through garages.

In addition, these devices can be used in any process involving combustion, such as in water heating systems in the home, office or plant, or heating and other systems used in factories. The applications for some of these devices goes beyond their obvious use in vehicles, factories, offices and the home.

The magnetic systems, for instance, can also be used in water systems to eliminate hard water problems. They are also used on both humans and animals for magnetotherapy purposes in the treatment and reduction of pain in arthritic and other conditions. They can even be used in the treatment of wine or bottled water!

The new Type IV fuel vaporizer is more than 30% cheaper than the previous Type III, and there are no moving parts – nothing to wear out.

If you wish, you can also order manuals from us and build the units yourself, relatively inexpensively. Our most expensive manual only costs about £6.50/$12.99.