The Type IV Vaporizer

We have been selling vaporizers through this website since 1995. There have been a series of developments with the vaporizers, as I have used the same devices on my own vehicles. There have been 4 types of vaporizers developed myself; the core inspiration was from George Wiseman's vaporizer work at . The concept of fuel vaporization is rather simple – there are plenty of fuel vaporizer patents available – any search of fuel vaporizer/vaporization devices on patent search websites will show you dozens of them. But there are few actual products being sold. If the concept didn't work, the patents wouldn't have been granted.

The Type IV vaporizer is sold on a guaranteed basis of 25% minimum mpg improvement for the larger and 20% for the smaller, for gasoline/petrol engines. For diesels, 10% mpg improvement is guaranteed, and actual improvement should be higher.

Alfa Romeo 156 Dual (small) Vaporizer
The Type IV was developed as a result of a commission at the end of 2013 – to develop a more efficient vaporizer for diesel engines. The previous versions had only about a 10% MPG improvement with diesel, unlike that obtained when using gasoline/petrol, which had 30%+. The aim was to design something that was easier to install, make and maintain than the other 3 versions, and that could be used for both diesel and gasoline/petrol. Lower cost also came into the picture as redesigning took place. I went back to basics, and then did a lot of blue sky testing, without trying to improve on an already existing design. I got rid of the electromechanical components. There is an inlet for fuel, and an outlet for vapor. There is an expansion vessel as well, which acts as a secondary vaporizer and isolation step. And there is an inlet fuel valve. That is it. There are no moving parts to wear out.
Jaguar X Type Dual (large) Vaporizer