Carburettor Enhancer - Performance and Prices

Power Increase

With the increased fuel efficiency, there is a corresponding increase of power and torque. We have not conducted engine bench tests, but provide the results of 0-60 acceleration tests on a 1.4 litre Citroen BX RE:

                   Normal    with Carburettor     with Carb Enh.    with
                                Enhancer          & Water Inj.    Vapouriser
0-60 (in seconds)    12            11               10.5             ~9

We supply completed units, information to build one's own systems, or units installed by a garage.The manuals are 8+ pages and show the construction, basic theory and installation of the devices. Prices follow:

                        Manual Only       Manual & Device

Carburetor enhancer     £6.00 ($11.99)    £16.50 ($32.99)

The devices have the completed components supplied, with each installation consisting of 1 or two main components along with hoses, and control valves, enough for the average installation.

Installation time for an inexperienced customer is: 30-60 minutes

Devices can be removed, or circumvented from operation in a vehicle in case of malfunction in 5 - 15 minutes, either with no tools or at most a pair of pliers.

Delivery times are around 4 weeks for devices (because they are modified to the vehicle they are going to be installed in) and 1-2 days on manuals (normally delivered electronically).