Liquidations without the Hassle!

Liquidations and CVAs Arranged from 1,500 Half Price Liquidations in the U.K. - all inclusive

Business Survival Service from East City Accounting

East City Accounting does liquidations starting from 1,500 - one of the lowest prices you will see anywhere.

Liquidations in the U.K. have become similar to what they are in the U.S.; something to get you and your company back on your feet, rather than the end of the world.

You should be asking the following questions if you are contemplating going into liquidation:

1. Will the Bank freeze my company's account now that the Petition has been advertised?

2. What can I do to open the company's bank account again?

3. What does the term INSOLVENT really mean, and does it apply to my company?

4. What will happen if I pay the petition before the hearing?

5. What will happen if I let the company be wound up?

6. Can I appear in court personally and defend the petition?

7. As a director, will I be personally responsible for any of the company's debts if the company is wound up?

8. What is fraudulent trading? What is wrongful trading?

9. Can a company close one day and open up the next minus the liabilities?

10. My wife/husband is a director but in name only, s/he hasn't been involved in the decision making; will s/he be held responsible if the company is wound up?

11. What are the powers of the official receiver and what would s/he do if s/he were appointed by the Court?

12. I have personally guaranteed the overdraft at the Bank but he assets of the company are sufficient to clear the debt. Will they pursue me personally before the assets are realised? What can I do to protect my interests if the assets are not sufficient?

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