Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Domain Name

A domain name is a user friendly translation of the numbers which comprise an Internet network address. Your domain name is your home or your address on the Internet.

Who can register a Domain Name

Anyone can register any name provided that it is not taken already. You may loose that name if someone can prove in law that it belongs to them either by usage or through trade mark registration.

Country Domain Names

Each country and territory in the world has itís own domain suffix. For example the UK is .uk, Ireland is .ie and Germany is .de. Each country domain has itís own rules  and regulations which need to be checked out before applying for registration. BB have an International department who can do this for you.

Why register a Domain Name

It is your identity for all time on the Internet. If people want to find you on the Internet, access your web site or send you an E-Mail you should have an easily recognisable name that immediately identifies you and your business.

What names should be registered

Trading names, brand names and trade mark names. The names can lead to the same Internet site or to separate sites as you wish, but registration will protect the names and prevent others from using them.

In which countries should I register

Certainly in those where your products or services are sold, in countries where you anticipate you will wish to trade in the future. The use of a country specific suffix identifies you with that country which will be to your advantage.

How long does a Domain Name last

All registrations will last indefinitely provided an annual maintenance fee is paid. This becomes due after the first two years for UK and US registrations, In other domains it may be necessary to pay a maintenance fee after the first year.

How long does registration take

It takes us only a few hours for UK and US registrations. Some of the foreign domains with more complex rules can take longer.

What rights does a .tm registration give me

It is a registration in the domain of Turkmenistan. It does not confer any trade mark protection rights. Itís use is to reinforce a registered trade mark and to prevent unscrupulous use.

What is a Domain

Domains are a hierarchical structure on the Internet. The highest level domains are called Top Level Domains (TLDís). Each TLD has a Domain Authority that grants domain names to applicants. There are several lower level domains whose rules are similar and are managed by their individual registration authorities.

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