International Registrations
We are able to effect domain name registrations in ALL jurisdictions (in addition to .uk, .com. & .net) and we will be happy to quote you, or advise you for registration(s) in the countries of your choice. Either contact us at the address below or fill in the form.
International Dept. BB Online UK Limited
PO Box 2162, Luton. Beds. LU3 2ZA
Tel:01582 572148    Fax: 01582 585057
We currently offer automated registration for Guernsey(gg), Jersey(je), Isle of Man(im), Norway(no), Sweden(se), Denmark(dk), The Republic of Ireland(ie) , Nuie(.nu) and Turkmenistan(tm). 
Please E-mail us if you wish registration in another domain. 
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Please remember that internet domain names can only contain the following letters.: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z - 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, Spaces are NOT ALLOWED.  

Registration Fees
Our prices exclude VAT but include maintenance (see below),
Also included is an under construction page, E-mail redirection, Web redirection and transfer to an ISP of your choice, and all 3rd party Fees..
Guernsey  .gg    £215
Jersey  .je £215
Isle of Man   .im £185
Norway   .no £175
Sweden  .se £205
Denmark   .dk £175
Turkmenistan  .tm £185
Rep. of Ireland  .ie  £175
Nuie  .nu  £150
Special Offers
Offshore Bundle:   Protect your name in all of the UK jurisdictions, BB Online currently offer a complete UK Offshore package with registration in all 4 registries (.je,.gg,.im & gi) for  £595  
Turkmenistan:        There is no such thing as an Internet trade mark, and the Internet does not recognise national borders or national legislation. But the meaning of 'TM', however, is known worldwide.  

.gi, .gg, .im, . je, .ie, .nu Names  
After the first 2 years you will be charged a yearly maintenance fee of £70 per name.  
.tm, .no, .se, .dk Names  
After the first 1 year you will be charged a yearly maintenance fee of £70 per name.  
Special Notes:   
Registrations in Norway and Sweden can only be carried out if you have a VALID Norwegian / Swedish VAT Number.  
Registrations in Ireland can only be carried out if you have. 1. An address in the Irish Republic. 2. The domain name must match your own name (eg.. 3. You don't already have an .ie domain.  
All the above restrictions are currently under review.  
There are no other costs involved and there are no hidden costs.  

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Special Instructions
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We will invoice you, our payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice. If you wish you may pay by credit card. Simply insert "Card" in the above box. We accept of the following Credit cards and give a 5% discount on credit card payments. 
BB Online recognises that people do not like using credit cards on the Internet. So we won't take you credit card details over the internet. We will call you back to obtain them over the phone. 
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